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About Balance Bikes

Do you have a child that is in the beginning stages of learning how to ride kid bikes? If so, you need to take a look at a balance bike.

A balance bike is a regular kid bike that has the pedals removed. They are not made for older children who already know how to ride a bike. They are meant to help children 1 year old or older to learn how to balance a bike without having them to worry about pedaling the bike.

Usually, children are so engrossed in trying to move a pedals that they don't have a chance to learn how to balance the bike. Their mind is to focused on putting their feet on the pedals.

Why would you want your son or daughter to learn to ride on a balance bike?  The number one reason for starting your son or daughter on a balance bike is safety.  The one flaw that traditional bikes have is that children have to bring their feet up to get out of the way of the pedals.  When they bring their feet up they are in danger of falling off the bike or falling to the side and scraping their knees of worse.  They are not concentrated on the balance activity.

When I ran across these bikes for the first time I thought that they were ingenious.  I mean who would have thought of leaving off the pedals and allowing a child to use it as a push bike.  I mean this is what usually happens in the first place.  The child will go to a top of a hill and try to roll down without having their feet touch the ground.  If they start to loss their balance they put their feet down to push themselves back up.  Over time, the body will adjust and be able to balance the bike without ever having to put their feet down.

Why not just use the training wheels on a regular bike?  Training wheels are a great solution but they tend to bend and move out of place making it harder to learn to ride a bike.  Using balance wheels can also prolong the process of your child learning how to balance.  With a balance bike all your child is learning is how to balance.  Nothing gets in their way of this process.

They accelerate the learning process of young children.  They allow your child to gain independence and self confidence as they learn how to steer their bike.  Push bikes come in a number of styles and materials.  You can purchase them in either wood or aluminum.  Either way you will be purchasing a bike that will last.  Most likely you will be passing this bike onto others in your family who will also gain the same joy that your son or daughter gained.

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